The process
—  The process

Buying from Us

You can purchase your new car from Carzüm in one of three ways:

If this is definitely the car you want

You can buy completely online, pay in full, and have your car delivered to you fully registered and insured. This is the easiest and fastest way. 31 day return/exchange included.

If you want to check it out before you pay

Secure your car online and schedule to have your car brought to you before you complete payment.  A 31-day return window is included. There is no obligation to buy.

If you want to pick up at a remote location

Do you want to drive to one of our remote locations and want to pick up there? In-store pick up is available, but all sales are completed online from your phone or computer.

We accept cash, ACH, and certified check. We do not accept credit or debit cards for full payments. Debit cards may be used for deposits only.

Selling to Us

Submit your vehicle to us. Receive either your requested price or a real offer for your vehicle.

Schedule to have your car collected from your home, office (ours or yours), or any of the 122 Rockland Trust branches in Massachusetts.

After quick verification of your car, payment can be made in real time and in full to you. All of this can be done from your home, office, or any of our bank’s branches.

Need some help?

We can assist you with leases, payoffs, lost titles, out-of-state titles, or liens.

Real Offers, Real People, Real Value

Custom offers for your specific vehicle. Payments made in full to you at your home, office (yours or ours), or any of the 122 Rockland Trust locations in Massachusetts.

Whether you want to skip the hassle and loss of time of selling on your own or get maximum value for your trade. Let us do the legwork for you while you put the value back in your pocket and we put your car in the next owner’s driveway.

Get the maximum for your vehicle.

Buying a new car elsewhere? Why trade your car in elsewhere for considerably less? Put the cash back in your pocket and let us put your car in the next owner’s driveway.

Let us show you why selling to us is not only the easiest way for you but also the way that puts the most cash back in your pocket—all done from your home or our office or any one of our bank branches.

Get An Offer