Return Policy

Our vehicles come with an industry-first 31-day refund or exchange for vehicles 2015 and newer. Our goal is for you to not have to use our return and exchange option. Vehicles older than 2014 and older or any vehicle with 120k miles or over does not qualify for the return policy. Vehicles that do not qualify for a return are still guaranteed with the limited used vehicle warranty.

Vehicles eligible for return/exchange

Our return or exchange policy is to offer a refund or exchange to guard against unexpected significant issues such as a major mechanical issue. If your car suffers an unexpected major mechanical issue, our first goal is to assist you with keeping the car you selected and have it repaired at no cost to you. If for some reason you decide you do not want to keep it, you may choose to return the vehicle. Should one of these rare and unfortunate events occur, you can always choose to keep your vehicle and have it repaired. This return policy is designed for you not to have to use it but to at least have the option.


Returning/exchanging a vehicle involving a trade

If your purchase involved a vehicle trade-in, the full amount that you received for trade value will be refunded or credited on your exchange. Trades are in many cases not available for return, but you will receive your full trade value in the form of a refund or exchange.

Vehicles not eligible for return/exchange

Vehicles used excessively, causing wear and tear, or vehicles that were driven over 1000 miles are excluded from the return or exchange policy. Vehicles that were changed, customized, or excessively modified may not be available for the return or exchange policy. Vehicles that were in an accident or suffered cosmetic issues are excluded from return.

Vehicles that were for any reason sold as Final Sale are excluded from the return policy. A Final Sale could be the result of special financing regarding a loan or a vehicle that was moved to clearance. Vehicles that are over 120k or 2014 or older. Vehicles that require special financing or pricing that were sold as a Final Sale may not qualify for the return policy. Any vehicle that was sold at a discount price from the listed price is not eligible for a return. The limited used vehicle warranty will still apply in these cases.



Return/exchange taxes and fees

If you decide to return or exchange your car because you simply want to upgrade or downgrade, or because owning this car is not right for you at this time you will be refunded your sale price less your $375.00 dealer doc fee. Dealer are doc fees are not refundable. 

Sales tax is refundable from the state,  however, state registrations are not. For purchases within Massachusetts, we refund the sales tax. For purchases outside Massachusetts, the buyer may be responsible for any paperwork associated with rescission of a sale of a vehicle and the refunding of the sales tax, if any.

Refund processing

You must provide the title to your vehicle to return your vehicle. A vehicle can not be returned without a title. Refunds may take 7–14 days to process.  Refunds come in the form of a check or ACH wire to your bank. All vehicles must be returned to us to start the process for a return. Any shipping costs to return the vehicle will be the buyers responsibility.

Our experience shows that most people who have unexpected issues prefer to keep the car they selected, and we are focused on making that happen for them even if an unexpected issue arises.