After Purchase Policy

I just purchased a car from Carzüm and I'm having an issue. What should I do?

If you purchased any additional protection or coverage, you should call 833-271-7452 for assistance. If you did not purchase any additonal protection you will be protected on by the basic limited used vehicle guarantee thar follows stat5e law. We always reccommend purcasing some form od extended protection.

If you did not elect to take any additional coverage, the first thing you need to do if you are experiencing an issue or concern is to contact Carzüm directly to open a case at If we are not contacted first and subsequent repairs are made elsewhere, Carzüm will not be able to assist you.

If you elect to pay for repairs at an outside repair facility, we cannot give any reimbursements or credits toward any repairs or maintenance that was done.

The most important thing to receive the best care is to contacy us  at

What can you expect mechanically with your vehicle?

As our pre-owned vehicles do vary significantly in age and price, there are several things to consider.

All our cars are inspected by certified technicians prior to your purchase or prior to your taking possession. Vehicles are all sold guaranteed to pass safety inspections and emissions inspections using state guidelines.

All vehicles are sold in at least acceptable used condition on the exterior and interior. As we carry a very wide range of cars, you may expect to see normal wear and tear for the given year. Any cosmetic flaws are either taken care of prior to the vehicle being listed for sale or disclosed in the vehicle description. We still carry vehicles that are in some cases 20 to 25 years old.

We cannot cover recommended maintenance or recommended repairs from various outside repair shops or dealers that may not be looking out for your best interests. We also cannot cover any elective maintenance a purchaser may elect to have done on their own. If you think your vehicle has an actual issue, please contact us at or call 781-421-6988

Recommended maintenance and elective repairs are a larger issue in the automotive community as a whole. Consumers have been, and to this day are being, treated inconsistently and unfairly in many cases. If your car has an actual issue that is covered under your warranty, then it will be covered. Please be wary of reccomendations from service shops and repair facilities inside of new-car stores. Reccomended maintenance, elective repairs or repairs made without notificatiion to us can not be covered. 

The idea is to limit your after-purchase costs. Try not to waste time and money on recommended repairs, unnecessary maintenance from repair shops or large chains that may only be interested in selling you something you may not need at an unfair cost. Always consult with us before doing anything. We cannot assist you if we are not notified prior. If your car needs to come in for a warranty repair, a deductible of $100 may be charged. If you believe your car has an actual issue that needs to be checked, contact us at