Frequently Asked Questions


What is Carzüm?

Carzüm is an online platform designed to assist consumers by giving them value as well as an easy and secure way to buy or sell a car online. Using modern technology and knowledge of efficient, real-world processes, Carzüm is one of the easiest, most value-driven and secure platforms in today’s automotive climate. If Carzüm does not have a vehicle for you or to buy from you, we are happy to be a resource in your car-buying journey.

How does Carzüm get its vehicles?

Carzüm vehicles are sourced by a team of qualified car buyers. Our buying model is designed to deliver the best product, price, and value within a consumer’s budget. Almost 100% of our vehicles come directly from consumers and we do not carry any questionable auction cars.

Does Carzüm have value cars?

Carzüm does not believe in the term “value cars.” Whether you purchase a car for $3,995 or $100,000, we deliver the same value, service, and guarantee.

Does Carzüm purchase cars that have had an accident?

Most of our cars have zero reported accidents. However, our experience has shown in many cases that, just like people, cars deserve a second chance. Because we carry a variety of car years and prices, some great cars will have had a few bumps along the way. All our cars do, however, come with clean titles and available vehicle histories.

Do you accept credit or Debit card for full payments?

No, we only accept cards for the deposit to hold the vehicle. We do not accept credit or debit cards for full payment. We accept cash, certified check or ACH only.

Do all your cars come with a clean CARFAX?

All our vehicles come with a free CARFAX report for you to view. Some cars will have minor accidents reported on their timelines. This is completely normal, and in some cases expected, as some of our cars are over 20 years old. We do not sell rebuilt, salvage, flood, or reconstructed titles—clean titles only.

Sell or Exchange

Are your offers valid?

Yes—when we make an offer, it is a real offer to buy your specific vehicle. This offer can be exchanged for a direct payment to you of the full offer amount or can be used as a full credit toward a purchase from us. Our offers are real and are adjusted only in case of discrepancies with sellers’ descriptions.

Where do you get your pricing from?

Our pricing takes into consideration the current market conditions, the condition of your vehicle, and Carzüm’s current demand for your vehicle. Because of these factors, pricing and offers can vary and change.

If I decide to buy a car somewhere other than Carzüm, why should I sell my car to Carzüm and not simply trade it in to the dealer?

In many cases, our offers are considerably higher than what you will receive for your trade elsewhere. Put the cash back in your pocket to use toward your purchase elsewhere. Let us find your car its next home.

How will I be paid?

We pay you for your car by ACH, certified bank check, or, in some cases, cash.

How soon will I be paid?

In most cases, funds will be paid directly to you on the spot. In some cases, full payment will be made after final inspection is completed. In cases where a final inspection is required, you will be given a security deposit. Payments will be completed after final inspection is completed, usually only 1 to 3 days later.

What if I have a loan or my car is a lease?

No problem at all: We can still buy your car, and we will walk you through any steps needed to complete the process


How do I buy a car?

You simply go to start process and secure your car with a small refundable deposit and then pay in full, apply for financing or schedule to pay on delivery or pickup.

What are my payment options?

You can pay cash, ACH or certified bank check. For financing, you can use one of our preferred credit unions for qualified buyers, and if you are new or re-building credit, you can use one of our preferred secondary banks. You can also use your own lender if preferred.

How does your pricing work? 

Our prices are set daily and are fixed. Prices are always fluctuating, so always check for changes. 

How does the delivery process work?

Your car can be delivered to your home, office, or anywhere you choose. If you pay in full before delivery, your car will come registered with plates. All deliveries come fully sanitized and cleaned with your concierge specialist who will follow covid safety guidelines. Our delivery charges are based on how far you are from our physical locations. For reference use 835 Temple St, Whotman mass 02382.

Do you offer touchless delivery?

Yes, we can offer a full no-contact delivery option. If there are any signatures that need to be original, they can be mailed to and from our team. Everything else is done via email and Docusign.

Are there delivery charges?

Yes, delivery charges are based on how far you are from the where your vehicle is coming from. all of our vehicles are parked in ready at one of our 3 locations where we store vehicles.

Will my car come already registered with plates when it arrives?

Yes, if you have already paid in full, your car will come registered with new plates or plate transfer. If you did not pay for the car yet, then you will receive your registration in real-time (via email), upon payment completion. This is for residents of Mass. Out of state vehicles can be delivered but you may be resposible for handling your registration in your state.

How long does it take for my car to arrive?

After you start the process to buy your vehicle, in many cases your car will be available for immediate delivery. In some cases, it can take on average about 1–3 days. We will communicate with you the whole way until the vehicle’s arrival. We make sure the entire process is seamless for you.

How do I sign contracts and handle the paperwork?

Most everything is done via email and DocuSign. We guide you through the process and make sure everything has been prepared before your car arrives. In cases where actual signatures are needed on hard copies, either you will sign when your car is delivered to you, or the paperwork will be mailed to you for signatures.

Can I pick up my car at one of your locations?

No, we save you the hassle and bring it to your home, work or wherever you choose such as a bank or a police station excghange area.

Is my deposit refundable if I decide not to complete the sale?

Yes, deposits are fully refundable if you decide not to complete the sale. If you do decide against purchasing the vehicle, we hope we have a different vehicle that you would prefer. Regardless, deposits are refundable.

What is a dealer doc and preparation fee?

Most dealers charge a dealer doc and prep fee or a service fee. If they don't charge one, then their prices are usually full retail + prices. The dealer doc fee: Most dealers have them, but few define them. Here’s what you get with ours: It's on the lower side compared to others, especially when you consider that you are in control of the entire shopping process. You shop from home, at your convenience. Everything can be done from the comfort of anywhere you are connected to the internet.

Thanks to our in-house registry and title services, there’s no need for you to enter a registry. Communicate with your insurance company or agent; enjoy paperless transactions and speedy, on-time deliveries. For purchases out of the state of Mass you may be responsibe for your own registration. Either way, we will assist you with everything.

All our cars come with a complete vehicle inspection and are serviced as needed to meet our strict guidelines. All vehicles are Carzüm certified and come with a 31-day or 8-day return policy.

What taxes and fees should I expect when purchasing a car from Carzüm?

Depending on where you reside, you may expect to pay your local states sales tax if any, your state registration fee, a shipping fee (if you are outside of the shipping area), and your dealer doc and prep fee.

Do I need to set up insurance?

Yes, if you are registering your car, you will need to set up insurance with your provider or agent. If you are purchasing and not registering at the time, you can purchase your car and have it delivered to you without having insurance. We will guide you through the process when the time comes.

Does Carzüm handle plates, titles, and registrations?

Yes, we are part of the Massachusetts Drive Program and can issue new plates and registrations with your purchase. If you live outside of Massachusetts you will be provided with all the paperwork needed to register in any state.

When will I receive the hard copy of my title?

Ownership is instant; however, title processing times vary by state. For Massachusetts residents, it takes about 14 days for a new title to be issued and mailed to you from the state. For residents outside Massachusetts who are handling their own registrations, the title will be included with purchase. For residents outside Massachusetts who are having us handle plates and registration, the state in which the car is being registered will mail the title.

Warranties, Services, & Policies

Do Carzüm’s vehicles come with a warranty?

All vehicles come, at a minimum, with a limited used vehicle or implied warranty that follows state laws. More in-depth warranties are available and strongly recommended but not required. However, if you choose not to elect any additional care, you will be protected by the limited warranty or the implied warranty only.

What does the warranty cover?

As with most warranties on pre-owned vehicles, the warranty guards against any major mechanical failure such as motor, transmission, 4x4/AWD, drivetrain or safety issues.

What is not covered?

Most all wear and tear items, as well as any repairs that are considered recommended or preventative maintenance, are not covered. Recommended or preventative maintenance refers to repairs that are not currently needed or not a safety issue but are being performed as preventative maintenance. These type of repairs can not and will not be covered.

What do I do if my vehicle is experiencing an issue?

If you purchased a protection plan, you must first call 833-271-7452. If you did not purchase a protection plan and are covered only by the limited used vehicle warranty, you must open a case by emailing

What if I move forward without opting for additional coverage?

If you choose not to purchase additional care, you will only be protected by the limited or impllied used vehicle warranty which follow Mass law.  Learn more about the after purchase policy.

How do I know what to expect out of the appearance of my vehicle?

Your vehicle will come in a minimum of acceptable condition for the year. In cases where there are noticeable flaws, they will be noted in the pictures or pointed out to you prior to delivery. All cars come fully sanitized and cleaned.

Does Carzüm have a return policy?

Yes, Carzüm has an industry-first 31-day return or exchange policy on all its vehicles 2016 and newer. Vehicles 2015 and older still qualify for an 8-day return. Please see the return policy for more information.